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Apr 26 2010

it’s the final countdown

four weeks til graduation.

eight weeks til i’m out of new england and on to the mid atlantic.

when did that happen?!

baltimore may be on the horizon but for now it just looks like crabcakes & natty bos– it’s hard to imagine professional outfits & lesson plans just yet. i’m still in the college state of mind. when i first got accepted into teach for america, i was sure the closer my departure date got, the more adult i would feel. i would be ready to mold young minds by june 22nd, no question. i’d be all kinds of adult by the time i was expected to actually be one. however, it’s been quite the opposite. the closer i get to becoming a real grown up, the younger & younger i feel. at this rate, by graduation i’ll be ready for pre-k, not ready to teach it.

don’t get me wrong, i’m excited for this adventure. i feel very strongly about closing the educational gap that exists here today right in our backyards. i want to be on the front lines, i want to teach, i want to work with kids and see actual progress. it’s just that it doesn’t feel real yet. it feels like a far off idea, not something that’s actually going to happen very, very, very soon.

i’ve taken my praxis, i’ve begun my reading, i’ve shadowed in some classrooms, i’m making some progress towards the whole “miss g” thing.  but for right now, i’m just going to leave it there. i’m going to enjoy the end of my college experience as much as possible and stay a kid for a just a little while longer. adulthood will come soon enough.

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  1. Crayoneater_plus20

    You’ll be great. Easy to say, I know. But the fact that you don’t yet feel adult means that you’re above deluding yourself and that is a huge first step. It’s the people who think that they’ve made it, that they’re fully formed, educated and adult that are in for the rudest awakening. For now you are a college student, so be one. If anyone knows how to stay in the moment, it’s you.

    I’m looking forward to continuing to read your musings. You’re already sitting up on my browser bar between gmail and southpark.

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